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With Student Shop, we want to make selling in school and college as easy as possible. That's why we offer the most extensive system to help young entrepreneurs get the head start they need.


We've streamlined the process as much as possible to ensure that it's easy to get started selling. Student Shop works directly with your schools and colleges to ensure that all sales are safe for the customer, beneficial to the seller, and meet the guidelines.


To sell on Student Shop, all you have to do is have a product or service to sell, write a description, chose a price, then get approval. Once items are approved then can be displayed in each school/college's unique display cabinet that offers the best way to show off your brand. Simple!

Sell! Sell! Sell!



To create a product and successfully display it in on Student Shop, it has to go through the application process. This protects both the institution and Student Shop, but is also there to ensure that your business has all it needs to get started. All declined applications will be followed up with feedback so you know why it did not meet the requirements. The process is different per school/college as each establishment has their own requirements and guidelines. However, all will follow a similar structure to the simple three step application process. The process is:

1) Send in product details using the application form (APPLY HERE)

2) Receive approval from Student Shop/establishment staff

3) Your items become available to purchase


Products sold must adhere to both Student Shop's T&Cs as well as the establishment's rules and guidelines of what can and can't be sold. Then you can start selling your creations or find a second home for used items.



Selling with Student Shop opens you up to a whole world of new customers. You have access to all the help and guidance you need to make the most of the platform and turn your projects in to products. With Video and written guides, company insights and tips from existing Student Shop sellers, you will be able to get the head start you need to sell your products effectively and earn some extra cash while you learn. 

1) After your product is approved, keep on top of your stock and ensure that your ready to start selling.

2) Make sure that you have all the relevant help and information you need to keep on top of your sales.

3) Now watch the orders come in and drop them off as and when you're ready!

4) Most importantly, ensure that Student Shop doesn't take away from your education. learn first, sell second.

We want to create the best environment to help dip your toe into the world of enterprise and we'll help you in any way we can. When ever there's an issue or anything we need to update you on, we'll make sure that you are always up to date and help you do the best you can.



Now you have the product and you can sell, now all you need is customers. Student Shop's advertising system gives you everything you need to get as many customers as possible. Advertising is your chance to show yourself off.

1) Screens and website space - the ultimate space that allows you to create adverts available in any size. If available and agreed upon by your school or college, you can purchase slides and temporary space on screens around your establishment or on your school/college's website.

2) Display boards are an easy and reliable way to display what makes you stand out. Available in every school or college, you will be able to pay to display your hard work.

3) Locker ads are a way for students to advertise and to make money. If you have a locker and are looking for some extra cash, you can rent out the space on the front to a business. If you're looking to advertise, you can rent the space on the front of a student's locker to place a poster with information about your products.

All advertising must be approved before it is displayed to ensure it follows all the rules necessary for the establishment and the T&Cs required by Student Shop.