Student Shop Information

Student Shop Webinar

Our first webinar has arrived! We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful, we certainly had fun making it! You can watch the full video on our channel and we hope to have new content soon to help you out!

Update to our Terms and Conditions

We've made an update to our terms and conditions section 1.8 Fees and Costs. This update outlines the way in which Student Shop take money for the service and use it to benefit you. As part of this update, we now also accept Apple Pay as form of payment for buyers at check out. Make sure you read the updated T&Cs.

Student Shop Survey

Help us help you! At Student Shop we pride ourselves on being a service made for students, by students. For that reason, we need your help. Take our survey ( ) and help us create a better service for you to earn while you learn, or just to create a more convenient buying experience.

Sign up for the Student Shop Workshop

For the new year, we are offering the chance for you to learn how to get the best out of Student Shop. As Long Road Sixth Form College Students, we are giving you the chance to learn the ins and outs of starting a business, monetizing your hobbies, making the most of the Student Shop service and how to earn while in education directly from our founder and CEO. To register your interest, fill out the below form and email it too us so we know you want it too happen!


Please take the best care when using the locker systems. To help out:

  • Stand 2m away when someone else is using the lockers 

  • Sanitise your hands before and after use of the lockers

  • Try and minimise contact with the keys, lockers and items going in to the lockers

  • Always wear a mask whilst using the locker system

Stay safe!

Launch Day

Student Shop is finally here! Starting on Tuesday 4th May, Student Shop will be launching exclusively at Long Road Sixth Form College. Members of the college will be able to purchase from the site and send in applications from that date. Until then get planning and get excited.


Got a question? Email or DM us and we will get back to you ASAP and put the answer here to help others too!

Q: What are the different pages on the website for?

A: The 'Buy' and 'Sell' Pages are there to provide information to students on what potential products you might find in your Student Shop store and how to get started as a seller on Student Shop. The 'Shop' page is where you will find all the current products available in your college. 'Collaborate' is an area where you can post ads for your skills or ads for needed skills for a project your working on or if you need help with certain aspects of either business or education. 'Showcase' is a showcase of past and current businesses that started on and with the help of Student Shop. 'Info' is where you'll find up to date information for your school or college and the general running of Student Shop.

Q: I have a hobby that I want to make money from. Where do I start?

A: Student Shop is a perfect place to monetise your hobbies risk free. All you need is to take a few pictures of what you are offering and provide a short description. Next, fill out the application form and send it too us, if it's approved by us and your college your product will appear on the store ASAP and we'll send an email to you so you can get paid as the orders come in.

Q: Do I have to start a business to use Student Shop or can I sell one off products?

A: While Student Shop provides the support for starting your own business, it works just as well for selling one off items like old clothes, shoes, old textbooks or anything you don't need anymore. 

Q: What happens if my application gets rejected? 

A: If your application gets rejected, it could be due to the nature of what you're selling or because of restrictions at your college. We will make sure to tell you the reason why your application has been rejected so you can make changes or rethink the idea. If you get 3 rejected applications, you will get a temporary suspension from the making applications. 

Q: I want to sell on Student Shop but I don't want other students knowing it's me. What can I do?

A: While you will have to tell us your name, your name or contact information won't appear anywhere on our site so you can be completely anonymous. If a buyer has an issue with a product or just a question they can email us and we will contact you on their behalf so there's no need to worry.